Why celebrate teachers?

Teachers play such an important role in our lives. Without them, we wouldn’t be the doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, athletes and other figures who contribute to a better world. Our teachers do more than just impart knowledge. They’re also a coach, a confidante, a parent, a counsellor, a friend, and a role model. Lives have all been positively touched by a teacher in one way or another.

Teachers bring out the best in us by simply believing in us so that one day we will become the successful doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists and athletes who will change the world right where we are.

Those who teach, leave a legacy.

This Teacher’s Day,  the Ministry of Education together with FrogAsia and YTL Foundation is celebrating those who teach, because they’re the ones who leave a legacy. Join us as we pay tribute to these extraordinary men and women who dedicate their lives to shaping and educating the next generation, often without being thanked. 

The 1BestariNet Teacher Awards 2015 will give teachers a chance to be recognised for all that they do, and also to encourage other teachers to do the same. Nominations can be made by students, parents, and even teachers themselves!


Who we are

FrogAsia is an education company with a passion for transforming education and empowering schools, teachers and students. In all we do, we aim to open up greater access to technology and the Internet for everyone, rural or urban, large schools or small - and bridge the digital divide in order to allow all students to thrive in today’s world. One of the ways this is done is through providing the Frog VLE which is a cloud-based learning platform, and Yes 4G connectivity to all schools in Malaysia as part of the 1BestariNet project - an initiative by the Ministry of Education. 
Above and beyond the scope of the project, we want to support teachers, parents and students in this journey towards 21st century learning through encouraging teachers with the 1BestariNet Teacher Awards and other initiatives.