The Frog Teacher Awards is an annual celebration and appreciation of pioneers in education across Malaysia.


Formerly known as the 1BestariNet Teacher Awards, it is organized by FrogAsia and supported by YTL Foundation, the Awards aims to recognize pioneers in education with outstanding achievements in adopting technology and raising the standards in classrooms and communities nationwide.



Be inspired by the previous winners of the Frog Teacher Awards.

- 2018 -

Norsiah Abd Rahman

Headmistress, SMK Air Molek, Melaka

Puan Norsiah was first introduced to the Frog VLE in 2011 while teaching in SMK Tun Tuah. From then on, she set off on a journey towards 21st century teaching and learning with Frog. In 2014, she started a Frog Hub in SMK Bukit Katil as the Headmistress of the school then. She began actively training teachers on how to use and optimize Frog in teaching and learning. Through her constant encouragement and engagement with teachers, SMK Bukit Katil became one of the top schools in the state with the highest Frog usage rate. In 2016, she was transferred to SMK Air Molek to be the Headmistress of the school where she brought various changes to the school through the use and implementation of Frog.

Yu Kok Hui

ICT and Frog Admin, SMK Skudai, Johor

Mr Yu Kok Hui’s journey with Frog started in 2015 where he began actively using Frog in teaching and learning. Last year, he was given the opportunity to participate in the Frog Advocate Program, an initiative started by EduTech Officer from PKG Kompleks Uda, Encik Mohd Fadzil to establish a team of Frog Advocates in the Johor Bahru district. From then on, he was inspired and encouraged to share his experience and knowledge of Frog with other teachers through various Frog workshops. He is now a Gold Advocate and the main driver for the implementation of Frog in SMK Skudai. His greatest achievement was driving the efforts for the FrogPlay Championship 2017 which earned the school 3rd place.

Mohd Nasrul Safwan Zaukafali

Science Teacher, SK Sungai Pinang, Kelantan

Transferring from a city school in Petaling Jaya, Selangor to a rural school in Tumpat, Kelantan, Encik Nasrul accepted the challenge and was very motivated to improve the school’s education system with technology. He implemented the use of Frog in teaching and learning which was able to rekindle his students’ interest in learning again. His efforts soon gained attention of other teachers who were curious about Frog. Encik Nasrul saw this as an opportunity and began sharing his knowledge on Frog with teachers which encouraged them to start their journey in 21st century education.

El Gamillo bin Habibun Tan
BTPN Officer, Terengganu

As a BTPN officer in Terengganu, Mr. El Gamillo curates an extremely interactive site that enables teachers to access various materials in enabling Frog in their own schools. He is active in collaborating with administrators and advocates in Terengganu and continuously promotes better teaching and learning practices among the teachers in Terengganu. He has helped build a strong community of teachers in Terengganu to use VLE in teaching and learning by awarding teachers who achieves the usage KPI - increased VLE KPI in Terengganu from 8.3% - 31.0%

Abd Rahman Bin Ali Bashah

Science Teacher, SMK Jenjarom, Selangor

Mr. Abd Rahman shares information through a Telegram group called Digital Classroom to regularly share useful information with teachers to help them implement technology in their classrooms. The Digital Classroom telegram group acts as an alternative resource to the Frog VLE for teacher who have low access to internet connection especially in the rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak. He has also created a forum called “Digital Ink”to help students learn their subjects better, especially for underperforming students. Through “Digital Ink”, students can ask teachers questions anywhere, any time outside of class or schooling hours.

Saifulnizan Che Ismail
Math Teacher, SK Raja Bahar, Kelantan

Mr. Saifulnizan is a strong advocate for all things digital especially in the education circle. He is active in mentoring teaching in Kota Bharu through the Hub Digital Maker Champion School, organised by MOE and Mdec. As a Frog Gold Advocate, Mr. Saifulnizan continues to inspire and encourage teachers in Kelantan to implement and use Frog in Teaching and Learning through regular MSL sessions. He successfully estbalished the “Bring The World To The Classroom”program in his school with several other schools in Kota Bharu through the use of Google Hangout and Skype.


- 2017 -

Saifulnizan bin Che Ismail
SK Raja Bahar, Kelantan

Saifulnizan bin Che Ismail is a teacher from SK Raja Bahar. He believes that 21st century learning has profoundly changed the ways we learn and teach. Furthermore, he asserts that these positive changes in education are in line with technological and scientific advances in the world today.

He strongly emphasizes the 5C’s skill sets to his students through his teaching and facilitating sessions. He emphasizes teamwork and communication in his classroom by encouraging his students to solve tasks together in groups.

Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Technology

Through Frog connected Classroom, he collaborated with other teachers from different schools to conduct teaching and learning sessions. His students are also able to communicate and collaborate with other students and learn the same topics at the same time. This type of teaching and learning removes the distance and space boundaries.

Using YES altitude Smartphone, he conducted his teaching and learning sessions with the help of software applications such as (Visualiser, Games, QR Scan Code, Plickers and Frog Mobile Application).

The practice of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in class allow his students to explore mathematics with hands-on activities that helps to enhance their knowledge especially in shape and space topics. By building blocks of cuboid, students are able to relate the shape with its volume calculation.

Enhancing teaching and learning with games and creativity, students are able to understand difficult topics easily. Games like colourful balloons loaded with sets of questions is one of his students’ favourite. Once they received their balloons, students needs to pop it to reveal the question inside.

Empowering students with the Gallery Walk teaching method - 4 stay, 1 stray. Students are given the opportunity to deliver their knowledge and transfer it to other students. And as a teacher, he facilitates the whole teaching and learning experience.

Kamisah binti Mohd Khamis
SMK Taman Ria Tuaran, Sabah

Kamisah binti Mohd Khamis is a teacher from SMK Taman Ria Tuaran. She describes herself as someone who prioritizes fun in the classroom. She believes teachers should be generous in praising their students, as such act instills confidence in students to succeed in school. Space and opportunity are essential in order for her students to learn new skills.

She also highly believes that the Frog VLE, modern classrooms, e-folios and other exciting learning and facilitating methods help students enjoy learning. Her goal is to continue acting as a facilitator that grooms and teaches using 21st century learning skills.

Student Empowerment

Through the Digital Folio (eFolio) project-based learning, students are able to choose their own topic and create their own digital content. At the end of the project, her students have the chance to present their ideas based on their topic research. Students have the power to vote the best project and presenter. All the content are uploaded on the Site Repository and can now be accessed through FrogStore.

By using model creation, students create models using plasticine to enhance their understanding on computer science subjects.

Empowering students to create content for their project is not an easy task. As a teacher, Kamisah always makes sure her students have the knowledge to credit the source of the content.

Mohamad Jalil bin Mohamad Yunus
SMK Jalan Empat, Selangor

Mohamad Jalil bin Mohamad Yunus is a teacher from SMK Jalan Reko. He shares that his five roles as a facilitator are:

- to teach in a professional and systematic manner,

- to prepare his daily lesson plans according to the unique needs of his students, deciding on the assessment methods according to their abilities,

- to prepare adequate resources for his students so they can easily make notes to share,

- to choose motivating learning spaces for his students, and finally,

- to provide necessary instructions as a mean to guide his students.

Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Technology

As a language teacher (Bahasa Malaysia), he enhances his teaching and learning with singing and theater activities. Through readily available applications in the Frog VLE such as embedding and creating Sites, he is able to engage his students and be more focus through the teaching and learning process.


Huszarudin bin Hussin
SK Felda Lok Heng Selatan, Johor

Huszarudin bin Hussin is a teacher from SK Felda Lok Heng Selatan. He shares that one positive impact from using technology in the classroom is that students are more confident to take part in any learning activity that takes place because it involves all students and none are left out. As a result of embracing technology in his own classroom, his students are now able to think for themselves, while also remaining creative and critical during lessons.

Noridah Hamdan
SK Kayang, Perlis

Noridah Hamdan is the Headmistress of SK Kayang. She believes that it is important for teachers to use technological aids for effective teaching and learning. During the hot spell last year that resulted in closure of schools, teachers in her school sent revision material to students sitting for the UPSR examinations through the Frog VLE. Other than for teaching and learning, teachers in SK Kayang also use the Frog VLE for administrative purposes. As the Headmistress, she uses the platform to monitor the performance of other teachers and help them incorporate the use of technology in their teaching activities.


- 2016 -

Ho Siew Hoon
SMK Seafield, Selangor

Spend time developing your site!

As teachers, if we don't spend time creating and developing our sites, how can we expect the students to visit the sites? My headmistress has encouraged the teachers in my school to create sites and she will publicise the most viewed monthly. During my school’s Curriculum Week, the Additional Mathematics Panel created an IQ Puzzles competition which received attention from students from different forms to participate.

Interesting and informative!

Information can be made interesting! We should try making our sites interesting and embed resources from various other educational websites. If I just give the link and resources to my students, they may not watch or even open it. However, when I embed these links and videos onto my site, we will then watch it together in class and students can rewatch it from my site. Before starting a new topic, I embed an example of application of that topic in real life. This has continuously generated interest and excitement from the student.

Get students involved!

Encourage students to contribute to the content! It makes developing the site easier and they become more interested when they see their suggestions on the site. For example, for Add-Maths, I asked my student to look for appropriate graphs, videos and Thinking Maps (a widget on the FrogVLE that creates mind maps.). I make it a point to add them to my site if it is applicable and the students are excited to see their work on the site.

Rosman Abadi
SK Tok Dir, Terengganu

When there is joy, it’s easier to carry out teaching and learning!

"I would like to help them enjoy being in the classroom, so what we want to teach them sinks in easily. With their interest in technology, it’s important to not restrain them - so I find they are so excited to come to the lab to use the Chromebooks.

Before I used the VLE, it was so challenging to engage the students, especially academically weaker ones. With tech and our encouragement, they are interested - which gives me an opening to engage them, and that makes it fun for me! Because they are having fun.

No matter how many classes I’ve been asked to teach, and how challenging these classes are - it’s still fun for me!"

With time, something that was once hard, became easy.

"With students, it’s not as complicated as teaching adults. If you show them just a little of what they can achieve, they understand more, quickly."

It starts with the students.

"It was a challenge to help my fellow teachers. I had started to encourage only 4 teachers to use Frog. But I kept on working with students. I used any extra time I had to get the students involved - and before you know it, I had ten to twelve teachers getting more and more interested in using Frog."

Help students embrace this amazing opportunity

"I have been teaching for 21 years. In the beginning, I have seen so many students find it hard to connect to their lessons. Now, with tech in the classroom, I’ve been able to engage with more students. I feel like if we had the chance to use tech before, the kids from back then would be in such a different position than today’s students."

Md Azmi Muda
SMK Meru 2, Selangor

Join the Frog Advocate community in your area

There are so many platforms on which to share techniques and tips with other teachers. With a strong community, we will have more energy to keep moving forward together.

Make things easy

Drive allows students to share and collaborate online, making groupwork and reviewing work easy. This way, learning is less stressful and teachers have less to worry about. During school holidays, teachers can set interesting holiday homework, as Frog can be accessed no matter where students go.

Make things fun

We have workshops with our fellow teachers so that we can raise up our teaching and learning, and make our classrooms more interactive. We even do role-playing where we teachers ‘act’ as students and other teachers ‘teach’ us.

Level the playing field

With Frog, students don’t need to compete with each other or get noisy to answer questions. With the Wall widget on your Frog Site, students will no longer feel isolated or discouraged because they all get the same chance to complete assignments.

Get the whole school involved

We always hear about how Frog facilitates collaborations between schools, even those in other states and countries, but Frog can also increase involvement of everyone within a school! For example, interclass quizzes can be conducted through Sites. You can also get the whole school to vote for a competition winner on Frog. Also, during holiday season, students, parents and teachers can wish the entire school on Frog!

Saifulnizan bin Che Ismail
SK Raja Bahar, Kelantan

Narrow the focus

For school-wide campaigns, take turns with subjects. In SK Raja Bahar, Cikgu Saifulnizan’s school, using widgets from Google Forms in their Frog Site - got the entire student body to participate in the Bulan Matematik campaign.

Use Pavlov’s technique

"My students can download worksheets from my websites easily.”

Students can complete the same exercise more than once on a FrogSite, because resources are embedded for easy retrieval by students. In education, Pavlov’s technique recommends that students need to do plenty of practice. This hopefully results in students becoming even more engaged in their studies.

Show students creativity off

"When we upload photos on our the Frog VLE, we can control who sees it - for example, only in our school. It makes things safer.

With the Photostream widget, students can get really involved as they see their own photos.

Dare to try new things

"I’d say, don’t keep things to yourself, and don’t be afraid. Students nowadays are so skilled, so we teachers need to keep up! Try new things, and be creative. If we aren’t creative, we get stuck. That’s my point of view!"

We are often in our comfort zones. When everything is so straightforward, the desire to expand and explore can dwindle. In SK Raja Bahar they work to share everything they learn surrounding the use of tech.

Tan Shin Yee
SJK(C) Choong Wen, Kuala Lumpur

Experience it yourself!

I came up with a sandwich technique inspired by gamification. We always tell people what we want to do, but why? You telling people how good something is won’t make them understand so. Why not just demonstrate? Let them see and realise what can be done. Three years ago, when I first approached Frog VLE, all I and anyone knew was that it was just a platform for us to put our lesson plans and build sites for students. Teachers didn’t realise what else it could be used for and viewed it as more work to achieve the same outcome.

Your kitchen? Your rules!

So, the sandwich you want to make depends on your client. If you want to make it grander, use more ingredients. If you need it to be simpler, just use butter and kaya. As long as you’re happy with your food, you can put anything inside it. You are the chef.

Use Frog to have fun, too

‘Superstar’ was a simple competition that had every class selecting who would be their class “superstar” via the Frog VLE. The objective was to let the students vote once and understand how a poll works. It was just one widget, as I didn’t want it to be too complicated, and it was to act as a springboard for them to use more of the Frog VLE.

SMK Kota Samarahan

SMK Kota Samarahan utilises a special timetable for some of our teachers to use Frog in teaching and learning so that they are able to embed resources and gather responses for students. The school also produces a specially-crafted newsletter for parents to sharing how they use Frog in school, and to invite them to use Frog, too.

Parents are empowered to begin their journeys with a step by step guide for them to retrieve and activate their YES IDs. As a centre of sharing and communication, SMK Kota Samarahan also actively posts updates on their dashboard on academics, student issues and extra curricular activities. Interestingly, SMK Kota Samarahan’s school dashboard has also become a space to explore the background and history of the school.

In technology adoption, there is a point in time where a framework is utilised so much that its use of becomes an afterthought. We see how Frog has become a part of SMK Kota Samarahan’s culture through beautiful sites for Merdeka (Independence Day), anti-bullying movements and ETA (English Teacher Assistantship) Programmes that fully involve and empower students.

The school has collaborated in new and exciting ways, using Google Hangouts. They communicated with several schools across ‘bahagian’ in online seminars on marking Mathematics exams.

Students of SMK Kota Samarahan participated in World Book Month - where students wrote stories collaboratively within their school on Scrapbook Sites for online creative writing workshops run by published authors working with FrogAsia.

With technology, teachers of SMK Kota Samarahan called on a rich well of teaching resources, and students were visibly engaged and empowered in their classrooms, and excited to do their lessons on Frog.

In the Special Awards Category for the Guru Muda 1Malaysia (GM1M) FROG VLE Awards the MOE recognized SMK Kota Samarahan. National occasions like Merdeka (Independence Day) were also celebrated through increased communication with other schools.

With increasing familiarity and willingness to reach out and learn through connectedness, and with teachers travelling to neighbouring schools to share their experiences with Frog, it was a natural next step for SMK Kota Samarahan to become a Frog Hub for the district of Samarahan.

As a Hub, SMK Kota Samarahan hosts fortnightly sharing sessions for teachers - and has a healthy and growing team of young teachers and Frog Advocates. With students at the core, SMK Kota Samarahan continues to pave the way for collaboration and best practices in using technology in teaching and learning in Sarawak.

Inspired by this journey, we ask the question: how can we extend the 21st century teaching and learning happening in the schools’ classrooms?

Taking a step back, 21st century education involves changing the way the school interacts with its surrounding, both through community and as a physical space.


- 2015 -


Marziean binti Mohd Shapian
SMK Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Selangor

The Teknologi Komunikasi dan Maklumat (TMK) subject is very technical and information-heavy. Knowing this, Marziean bt. Mohd Shapian from SMK Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi uses innovative teaching methods instead of the usual instructional method to teach her lessons.

Cikgu Marziean combines self-access learning methods and technology to help students access information and share knowledge efficiently. For example, in one of her lessons, students had to analyse videos, pictures and mind maps on a Frog VLE site, discuss and find additional information. At the end of the lesson, students shared with and learned from other groups. Her method of Analyse, Discuss and Share helps students learn technical terms and process information with greater ease.

Nazira binti Roslee
SK Putrajaya Presint 9 (1), Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

Besides teaching her students in SK Putrajaya Presint 9(1), Nazira bt. Roslee uses her time, knowledge in the English language and creativity and Google Hangouts to collaborate with teachers and students around the country. Through these Google Hangout sessions, she shares teaching and learning techniques with other teachers and gets students from different schools to learn from one another.

Such collaborations include one with Universiti Tenaga Nasional, where her students learned how to use the Visual Thinking technique to express ideas and another with a rural school called SK Runchang, Pekan, Pahang, where students experimented with storytelling to improve their English.

Kenneth Chong Wei Thart
SMK Kota Samarahan, Sarawak

Kenneth Chong Wei Thart is a teacher that teaches English Drama class at SMK Kota Samarahan, a school in the outskirts of Kuching. Mr. Chong not only diligently writes his own scripts and trains his students, he also patiently listens to their concerns, teaching them to discover their self-worth and living life to the fullest.

Mr. Chong’s concern for his students’ well-being extends beyond his drama lessons and into their studies. When asked by his Upper 6 team on why he was thinking of pulling them out of a state-level competition, he explained that he was afraid that all the drama practices would affect their ability to perform in their STPM examination. However he made them a promise that if they did their best for the STPM exams, they could still compete. This touched his students and spurred them to work even harder in order to excel in their studies.

Ruzaimie bin Razak
SK Leftenan Adnan, Selangor

Ruzaimie bin Razak is a teacher in SK Leftenan Adnan. He is passionate about helping other teachers adopt the Frog VLE as a teaching and learning tool in their schools. He has demonstrated outstanding efforts in training his neighbouring schools and fellow teachers in using the Frog VLE and has created lasting impact by imparting his knowledge and skills.

He spends time throughout the week to guide surrounding schools in his district such as SK Dusun Tua, SK Desa Baiduri and SMK Taman Jasmin 2 in using technology and the Frog VLE. Besides guidance, he also helps these schools set up networking circles that inspire and mentor each other. His constant efforts have resulted in increased usage and adoption of technology in the schools he mentors.